Turkish Government Cracks Down on Students

Along with FSA (Free Syrian Army), Turkey launched the ‘Operation Olive Branch’ to clear the militants of YPG (Kurdish defense forces) from the district of Afrin. A group of students demonstrated on the campus of Bosphorus University which is one of the top universities in Turkey. The group of students distributed sweets dubbed as Afrin delights to remember the fall of the soldiers in the cross-border operation of Turkey in Syria. Another group of students protested against it by holding banner which had anti-war slogans written on them. The slogans read “Occupation and slaughter must not be celebrated”.

President Erdogan said the students who were involved in the protests of anti-war had attacked the nationalist, local and religious youth. President said the youth related to terrorist activities will not be allowed to study at the university. The teachers who are related to the terrorist activities won’t be tolerated at the university. The police had detained 12 students and kept them in detention for a week before they were released.

Majority of the people living in Turkey do not feel safe in their country. The civil servants, the activists, and students also feel the same. Asuhan Han who is an activist was removed from her job. When the media asked her the reason for her dismissal she could not give any answer. She was working at the Ministry of Family and Social Policy as a sociologist. Asuhan said that the people in Turkey have been put under pressure as the petition condemning the military action of the government against the Kursh military surfaced in 2016. The people in Turkey are not allowed to express their feelings or thoughts. The Turkish govenrment possess serious threats to human rights and people’s freedom.


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