Twitter CEO Grilled for Not Being Aware of Atrocities in Myanmar

Recently, Jack Dorsey the CEO of Twitter suffered severe criticism over Twitter. He had posted pictures of his vacation in Myanmar commenting that the country was beautiful and he had a gala time on his meditation trip. This tweet bore him severe criticism as people noticed how oblivious he was to the actual problems in Myanmar. He had no clue about the issues regarding the Rohingya Muslims.
The Rohingyas had immigrated to the city of Myanmar after facing several army attacks in the city of Rakhine. These immigrants were reportedly responsible for terrorist attacks on Rakhine but the UN mandate investigators disagree.
As per their evidence, Myanmar wanted to be rid of these Rohingya’s and hence send over a military crackdown to exterminate these people.
Nevertheless, Jack’s oblivious tendencies infuriated the mass, as they speculate that he is indifferent to the suffering of others. Jack Dorsey as a means of reputation management claimed that he was well aware of the issue. However, as his visit was purely personal he did not want to stir up commotion by mentioning it.
However, the people still assume that he had no inkling to the plight of the Rohingya’s and it would have been better if he simply accepted the face.


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