Two Greek Border Guards Detained at Turkey

Turkey has arrested two Greek borders guards on the suspicion of undercover work and have refused to release them. This move has strained the ties between the two countries. Among the two men arrested one is a lieutenant and another a sergeant. The lawyers on their side said that, the two men have accidentally entered the guarded border due to the bad weather while they were patrolling.

The two arrested were photographed with their heads covered. When officials asked the Greek guards how they entered the Turkish border they said that, they were tracing footprints in the snow which they thought to be of illegal migrants. While tracing they entered the Turkish frontier by mistake on Thursday.

The guards are held in a high end prison in the town of Edime. The testimonies given by the guards are contradicting. The photographs taken by the guards on their mobile phones are being scrutinized by the official, the media reported. Such a situation is tagged as a tit-for-tat one because eight Turkish militants have been held in the prisons of Greece. They are not even given chances of trial at the court.

The arrests came in a such a situation when the ties between Turkey and Greece are sour. Last month, in the disputed islet of Aegean Islet, a Turkish patrol boat has hit the Greek coastguard vessel which caused extensive damage. Warships were dispatched by Turkey to restrict the gas and oil exploration in Cyprus.

The rise of the tensions between Turkey and Greece has raised concerns globally. The scenario of overheated nationalism in the two countries is rising which is making it difficult to defuse the tensions as said by the vice president of foreign policy, Ian Lesser.

Turkey and Greece which has fruitful relation in the past but saw a change in their ties since the attempted coup since 2016, which is making situations difficult for Turkey to adapt policies of reconciliation.


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