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UN Aid For Food Siphoned In Yemen

UN Aid For Food Siphoned In Yemen By Houthis

In a sad revelation, one of the world’s top media agency has reported how United Nation’s aid to more than 16 million of the war-affected local people in Yemen is going missing and is not reaching those who are deserving of it.

Post this revelation, the UN Chief is contemplating suspending the UN Aid to Yemen. Earlier, the UN had admitted having found that 1% of aid was going missing. They did acknowledge that the abuse could be more widespread.

However, it has now been found that dozens of areas in the war-torn country are going hungry. Ironically, paperwork would say that this aid has been delivered to the deserving. It seems that the aid has been diverted to fighters or supporters of the Iran-backed forces that control much of the country, though the Houthis and their officials have denied the same. One Houthi aid coordination director called the allegations “crazy.”

Investigations have revealed a leak somewhere between delivery from the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Houthi authorities. In 2018, WFP had made a public complaint that about 1,200 metric tons of food had been “diverted” or more clearly “stolen” — from families in the Houthi-held capital, Sanaa, in August and September. Nothing was done to stop this from happening. Further, distribution lists had thumbprints, supposedly from people confirming receipt of food.

This seemed to be fabricated data because, in reality, some 60% of beneficiaries numbering in the thousands in seven districts in the capital didn’t receive any aid. The WFP further asserted that there had been a fraud. They also discovered unauthorized people were being given food and other supplies were being sold in markets in the city.

While the Houthi administration has been asked about, there is no definite control or government to keep a check on this siphoning that is happening in broad daylight. There has been no definite resolution but that UN is now thinking of stopping the aid altogether, something which has indirectly fed the terrorist and extremist groups, taking away food from the millions of hungry children and elders people of Yemen.

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