UN Authorizes 9 Million Dollar in Aid for Crisis Struck Venezuela

On 26th November, the UN declared $9.2 million in health and nutritional aid for crisis-stricken Venezuela, where preventable diseases, as well as hunger, are escalating amidst the crumble of the nation’s socialist economic system. It is the first UN emergency financing for President Nicolas Maduro’s government. The President condemns that his nation is facing economic problems because of the U.S. financial penalties and an economic war headed by political adversaries.
Government critics acknowledged the move as Venezuelan authorities’ acceptance of the fact that the nation is facing a humanitarian crisis, which Maduro had repudiated in the past and also as the measure toward viewing the population being deprived of the basic services.
However, some are anxious as the funds could incite the corruption of the ruling Socialist Party. In fact, last week a former Venezuelan treasurer reported U.S. prosecutors that he took $1 billion in bribes. The U.N. Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) would be backing projects to offer nutritional support to children below five years old as well as to pregnant women and lactating mothers at risk. CERF’s website stated that emergency health care would be offered to the weak.
CERF mainly finances projects in nations at war or going through some sort of crisis like natural disasters. Even other U.N. agencies are offering funds to Venezuela through different programs. Venezuela’s Information Ministry was not available for comment.
Assistance for Venezuela’s crisis has until now been focused on South American countries that have received around 3 million Venezuelans amidst the bulk migration since 2015. CERF’s website disclosed that it has offered $6.2 million for Venezuela’s Regional Refugee and Migration Crisis.
Many governments became cautious of offering direct assistance to Venezuela, as officials are facing penalties from the United States and Europe for supposed wrong action, such as, human rights abuses, corruption, and drug trafficking.
Exiled opposition legislator Jose Manuel Olivares, stated that he is happy that Venezuela is accepting the aid.

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