UN Requests Human Rights for Syria’s Displaced Children

Recently, the UN overseers posted in Syria hosted a two-day survey of the Syrian records of displaced children and found that more than a thousand children had been killed, slaved and even tortured in Syria during the civil war.

Currently, the displaced children residing in opposition-held areas are being denied basic human rights and are treated as vermin. As per the statements by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, these children thus need Syria to offer them proper human rights.

Numerous families moreover, failed to register the birth of their child, due to the war, and are being charged extra for late registration. On the other hand, these non-registered children born out of rape or with a Muslim father and non-Muslim mothers were treated less than humans. Provided with no sustainable human aid, most of these children succumbed to various diseases and lost their lives.

Thus, as per the claims of the committee, these children need Syria to grant them human rights to prevent such cruel discriminations.

Moreover, further information by the panel claims that most of these children were housed in detention centers where they were tortured and often victims of recurring sexual violence.

In worse case scenarios, these displayed children were recruited by warring parties where they were used as tools of the war. Now, it was up to the Syrian government to prevent such instances and offer these children basic human rights to prevent unjust discrimination.

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