UN urged to take ‘serious steps’ against Qatar by Al Ghufran tribe

One of the largest tribes in Qatar, Al Ghufran, called on the United Nations Human Rights Council and urged them to take sincere actions against the Qatari regime. The complaint submitted was regarding the violations of human rights by the Qataris.
These comments were made during a seminar which was held during the 39th UNHRC session which was titled, ‘Human Rights in Qatar: The Tragic Tale of the Al-Ghufran Tribe’. It was organised by the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR).
The participating members of the seminar stressed on the fact that international action was taken against the Qatari regime after they were deprived of their nationality by the regime. Their legitimate and obvious rights have also been denied as the citizens of the state.
The members also shared their grief about their perils of suffering with humiliation, forceful displacement, torture that they suffered which were caused by the regime. The regime keeps on dishing out the Qatari nationalities to the extremists, specifically the Takfir extremists who encourage destruction in other states and bloodshed of people who are innocent.
A journalist, Abdel Aziz Al Khamisi, who also participated in the seminar said that the tribe members, with EOHR’s support called on the UN Human Rights Commission for investigation into the injustice rendered by the Qatari regime on the tribal members. He also added that the delegation also provided evidence to the UNHRC from certain singular cases living in Qatar and their nationalities have been revoked.
A tribe member, Jaber Saleh Al Arq, told that the citizens who were revoked of their nationality are innocent, simple people who have no involvement with politics. He also said that most of these people were fired from their jobs with being provided with official letters before their nationalities were taken away. Thus they were left with nothing.


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