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UN Warns Against A Surge of Terrorism Worldwide

United Nations has warned against a new wave of terrorism at the end of this year. In a recent report, specialist monitors at the UN security council painted a grim picture of a possible Islamic extremist movement at a global scale despite activities by international security agencies to contain it.

A major point of concern is of the 30,000 foreigners who traveled to the “caliphate” to fight and who may still be alive.

Obviously, their future prospects are of international concern. “Some may join al-Qaida or other terrorist brands that may emerge. Some will become leaders or radicalizers, the report says.

The report mentions how though the geographical caliphate of Islamic State has ceased to exist, member states agree on many of the underlying factors that gave rise to [Islamic State] still exist, which suggests that the threat from andal-Qaida or similar groups is unlikely to decline further.

The report further states that there is some respite in knowing that since 2015, there have been fewer successful attacks. However, extremists did kill hundreds of people in France, Belgium, and Germany. Right now, the threat to Europe “remains high”.

A detailed report by the Associated Press has shown how children of the terrorist who are residing in various refugee settlements around the world especially Syria, are being fed with hate and feelings of destruction by their mothers.

It is undoubted, a wave and new generation of terror activities we have to be prepared for.

The report to substantiates this concern when it states how radicalisation of prison “inmates afflicted by poverty, marginalisation, frustration, low self-esteem and violence” is creating a new breed of violence.

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