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UN Warns Against Civilian Population Wipe Out in Idlib Province

Looking at the way efforts towards a ceasefire in Syria’s Idlib province have failed due to the incidents of the bombing of civilians, the United Nation’s officials have warned that this incident has possibly triggered “total panic” amongst civilians and now acts as a threat to the lives of millions of others.

After a short break, the offensive has again resumed in Syria and civilians are caught in the cross-firing. The United Nations has also raised the specific alarm about the risks of a massive government offensive in the area.

Unfortunately, Idlib province has for several years served as a reception zone for those escaping government advances elsewhere in the country.

It has become a scapegoat between President Bashar Al-Assad’s forces backed by Russia and its allies and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a jihadist group led by Syria’s former Al-Qaeda affiliate. Russia was behind the recent airstrikes in southern Syria that killed several civilians.

More than 400,000 civilians currently are vulnerable and clueless as to where to turn for a safe haven. It is worth noting that the civilian population in Idlib province has been home to the jihadist group, which marks as the last major opposition stronghold in Syria.

The temporary truce has not to knots end and another full-blown war is suspected between the factions. What the UN officials fear is that there are chances that the whole civilian population might be wiped out, if there is a final confrontation in the province itself.

The British foreign minister Dominic Raab is right is slamming Al-Assad for resuming military operations and comments that “attacks on civilians is a complete violation of international humanitarian law.

This must stop!”Appalled by the situation in Idlib and how Assad backed by Russia revoked ‘conditional’ ceasefire just days after announcing it – a repeated pattern of behavior,” Raab took to the Twitter and expressed his disgust.

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