UN’s Guterres Requests Ban on Autonomous Weapons

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated on 5th November that it would be ethically disgusting if the world fails to prohibit autonomous machines from killing people without the participation of any human being.
With the capacity of artificial intelligence growing speedily, there have been burgeoning worries about the likelihood of killer robots, or other machines, being created to combat wars.
While speaking during the Web Summit Technology Conference which kicked off in Lisbon on 5th November, Guterres hauled the huge benefits of new technology. However, he added that it is imperative that the world works to avert autonomous apparatus or instruments which can have the power to take the lives of humans and it won’t need to be controlled by a person. He even added that he feels that this kind of weapons is not only politically objectionable but also morally repulsive. Hence, it should be restricted by international law.
New technology has made it possible to design an independent weapons system, starting from tanks to drones. In fact, robots are also being created for possible use in wars.
Guterres, a Portuguese stated that presently there is no international accord where the international humanitarian law can become applicable to cyber use in disputed circumstances. Hence, the rule for independent weapons
used in friction very difficult. Hence, he feels that it is an area where the international community needs to come together. The United Nations can act as a base for assistance in cyberspace to coming
up with codes of conduct.
In order to deal with this matter, the UN has come up with a top-level panel on digital coordination. It is going to be headed by Melinda Gates and Jack Ma, the executive chairman of Chinese e-commerce
giant Alibaba.
However, Guterres mentioned international divisions could make coordination on cyberspace very tough, especially at a time when there is a new trend to question “multilateral mechanisms that can
respond to global challenges.
Guterres highlighted that he considers the digital era and technology had brought huge benefits, such as new methods to fight disease and hunger. In some sectors, technology is an ally like in the alternative
energy sector.


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