US Advisers Quit As Qatar Emir Dines with Leader of Muslim Brotherhood

Several notable US advisors that were hired by Qatar have quit recently. They have done so to protest the fact that the emir of Qatar was seen dining with Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a known leader of the extremist outfit, Muslim Brotherhood. These advisors had been hired Qatar for its influence operations within the United States.

Many of these advisors found that the hearty relations between Qatar’s emir and a known extremist to be in complete contradiction of Qatar’s supposed desire to project a moderate and anti-terrorist image. They found the incident to be a sign that Qatar does not want to change at all. Some of these advisors are linked to influential US citizens including a senator, who have been lobbying on behalf of Qatar.

Qaradawi has a long track of inciting violence and is a member of the infamous terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood. He has been banned from the United States and the United Kingdom for his record of indulging in hate speech.

Despite this, he has been invited by Qatar for decades to be a part of the Ramadan festivities hosted by the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. This time, al-Thani was noticed to be laughing and engaging with Qaradawi. Qaradawi was even given the seat of honor beside the emir.

The fact is that Qatar wants to promote themselves as a purveyor of peace in the Middle East. However, the hard facts show that the country is anything but peaceful in its aims.


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