US Air Campaign against Islamic State in Syria Is Expected to End

US officials stated on Thursday that the United States will probably finish its air campaign against Islamic State in Syria when it withdraws troops. In fact, the US President Donald Trump justified the planned pull out amidst condemnation from allies abroad and also at home.

Jim Mattis, US Defense Secretary who had defied Trump’s decision on Syria, precipitously declared on 20th December that he was vacating his post after a meeting with the president.

Several of Trump’s fellow Republicans, along with the opposition Democrats, requested the president to change course, as the pull out would reinforce the hand of Russia and Iran in Syria and allow a revival of Islamic State.

Trump, however, gave no hint of changing his mind. Instead, he tweeted that he was keeping up to his promise to leave Syria that he made during his presidential campaign.

Four US officials stated that the pull out of troop is supposed to indicate an end to the US air campaign against Islamic State in Syria. The US-led air war has been vital to crushing the militants there and in neighboring Iraq, with more than 100,000 bombs and missiles fired at targets in the two countries since 2015.

One US official stated that a final conclusion on the air campaign had not been reached.

The United States told the UN Security Council it was devoted to the complete demolition of Islamic State in Syria and would keep persuading the withdrawal of Iranian-backed forces in the nation.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which have been combating Islamic State with the backing of US for three years, stated that the pull out of troops would let the rebels reunite at a crucial stage and leave Syrians stuck between “the claws of hostile parties” fighting for territory in the civil war.

The SDF are in the last stages of a campaign to regain areas seized by the militants.

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