US Believes that Houthis are trying to escalate Yemen War

The United States of America is concerned about the actions of the Houthi rebels operating in Yemen. The US believes that the rebels want to escalate the ongoing war as they recently attacked a Saudi oil tanker. While the attack caused only minor damage to the tanker, the Trump administration is looking at the matter very seriously.

As per reports, the oil tanker was in international waters when it was attacked. A naval ship from one of the member countries intervened rapidly. However, further details were not forthcoming. The oil tanker was accompanied by the naval ship to the completion of its journey. Pictures show that the tanker sported a hole on its side. However, no oil leaked out.

According to a spokesman of the coalition, the attack was described to be a terrorist action. The attack is a threat to the commercial shipping routes in the Bab al-Mandeb strait, an important route for commerce. This route is commonly used for oil shipments heading to Europe from the Gulf.

According to a statement from the press secretary of the White House, Iran seems to desire increased conflict and deliver dangerous weapons to the rebels. The White House urged the Houthis to stop escalating the war and instead engage in constructive dialogue for the sake of peace.


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