US Congressman Charges Pakistan Army of Openly Supporting Religious Extremism

An important US lawmaker alleged that Pakistan’s most powerful army providing support to religious fanaticism in the country. The prominent lawmaker also voiced his support for the rights of the Mohajir community.

Mohajir term is used to refer to the Urdu speaking immigrants who left India during partition and settled in Pakistan. Majority of the immigrants settled in the Sindh province.

While addressing the participants of the ‘Mohajir Day on the Capitol Hill’ conference, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher stated that the corrupt Pakistani officers are embroiled in the extrajudicial killing of the Urdu-speaking immigrants in Karachi. He said that the officers are openly supporting religious extremists and it is not at all acceptable.

Rohrabacher, a lawmaker from California used to be a close friend of Pakistan became a strong critic of Islamabad for providing protection to terrorists.

The conference was attended by workers and office conveyors of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) belonging to the 12 chapters. Many representatives of think tanks, bloggers, senior journalists, and people from different walks of life attended the conference which was organized by MQM.

Rohrabacher, who is a member of the House of Foreign Affairs, stated that Mohajirs in general as well as workers are suffering greatly in Pakistan. He stated that the US is well-aware of the crimes of the corrupt officers of Islamabad. He also mentioned that every citizen have the right to defend their freedom and basic rights. Rohrabacher pointed that they can’t allow the corrupt officers to carry on with the barbarity. At the same time, it’s not acceptable that Islamabad is supporting the religious fanatics. He said that the US aims to make Karachi a peaceful and booming city like Singapore. Hence, it would support MQM’s efforts to get rid of the outrageous behavior.

One convener of MQM stated that the Mohajirs aren’t allowed to vote anyone they want. Hence, it asked to boycott the elections.


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