US Envoy Claims Peace Discussion with Taliban Would Resume Soon

On Wednesday, the US special envoy for peace in Afghanistan declared that the peace talks with the Taliban insurgents would happen soon. However, the envoy also stated that if the Taliban forces continue to fight like these then the American forces would back the Afghan forces in the war.
Discussions between the Taliban and American officials have hit a blockade after the inflexible Islamic militants scrapped the fourth round of peace discussions last week and refused the participation of the Afghan government in the talks.
On 15th January, the Taliban warned to withdraw from the peace discourse with the United States if they deflected from the matter of foreign force pullout from Afghanistan, an important demand of the rebels to end the 17-year long war.
The Taliban’s deterrent came hours after Zalmay Khalilzad landed in Afghanistan after meeting officials from India, China and the United Arab Emirates to consider the peace process. Khalilzad informed reporters in Kabul that if Taliban wants to talk they would go ahead with the talks and if the Taliban insurgents want to fight they would fight.
The White House has stated that US President Donald Trump had not circulated orders to the Pentagon to pull out troops from Afghanistan; however, the White House has not refuted reports of the fact that the United States is planning to withdraw some of the 14,000-strong force currently stationed in Afghanistan.
While talking about the next date of the meeting with the Taliban forces, Khalilzad stated that they are optimistic that it would happen soon. Moreover, they are working on it.
Khalilzad, an Afghan-born U.S. diplomat, has been selected for leading peace discussions between the United States, the Taliban and the Afghan government. During news briefing last year he started a peace deal might be reached before April 2019. However, differences over the plan and continued fighting between the conflicting sides have increased apprehension.
According to some diplomats and Afghan government officials in Kabul, the security situation might aggravate if both sides fail to convene talks in January.

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