US Fears That Iran is Planning for a Mammoth Regional War in Middle East

The Trump administration revealed that Iran is behind the development of many underground tunnels that leads into Israel. The tunnel is being used by Hezbollah rebels and other terrorist organizations in order to carry out attacks. US officials fear that Tehran is bracing for organizing a greats regional war.

The Trump administration is taking hostile measures in order to link Iran with the rise of terrorism, not only in Israel, but in the different parts of the Middle East. In the Middle East the Iran backed militants are continuing to attack US allies. Although, the Obama administration was a bit careful while dealing with Iran and accusing them for being the leading force for terrorism against Israel and US allies. However, the Trump administration is directly accusing them.

According to US officials, the discovery of the US tunnels is a proof of the fact that Iran’s terror proxies is on the rise. Still, the Israeli military are assisting the Trump administration to destroy the tunnels and curb the terror enterprise of Iran. Moreover, the Obama Iran nuclear deal afflicted more damage as it helped the Hezbollah to wage an all-out assault against Israel. The terror tunnels are designed to destabilize the Middle East, which included Yemen and Syria.

The recent move is a proof that Iran is preparing for an extensive regional war.

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