US Fighters Departure from Syria Won’t be a Threat to Kurdish Fighters, Says Bolton

Recently, John Bolton, the national security adviser at the White House issued a new claim for US’s troops’ withdrawal from Syria. As per reports, he stated that Turkey must ensure that they’ll not attack the alliance of the US, the Kurdish fighters.
Turkey had been a nemesis of the Kurdish fighters for ages; and with President Trump’s sudden decision to move out the US forces out of Syria, the Kurdish are now left vulnerable to the attack of Turkey.
To prevent their allies from succumbing to another war, Bolton claimed that he would sit down and converse with the Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan and his officials the ways to protect Kurdish fighters. Further addressing reporters, Bolton claimed that he will ensure that before the US pill out is complete the safety of the Kurdish is completely ensured. In fact, the US assures that they will clean out the Islamic jihadist fighters and ensure that these threats do not arise anytime soon again.
Therefore, before the US moves out, the safety of the members of Israel and its neighboring states and allies will be completely assured. The YGP militia of Syria has since a long time fought against the president Bashar al-Assad’s insurgent rebels and each other consistently. However, to the US they were invaluable sources that helped defeat the Islamic Jihadists.
Nevertheless, the Turkish consider these insurgents as the extension of a group named PKK that had over 30 years threatened Southeast Turkey. Yet, right now Bolton is doing his best to ensure peace remains between these two forces once the US troops exit Syria.

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