US General States That the US Troop Withdrawal Would Start within Weeks

The US is probably just weeks away from beginning the withdrawal of ground troops from Syria as instructed by US President Donald Trump, according to a top US commander who is supervising American forces in the Middle East.

Joseph Votel, U.S. Army General and also the head of the U.S. Central Command, warned that the exact timing would presumably be bases on the situation in Syria, where U.S-supported fighters have started a final attack against Islamic State militants near the Iraqi border.

The U.S. military has already started to pullout their machineries from Syria. On being questioned whether the pullout of America’s over 2,000 troops would start within days or weeks, Votel stated that it presumably it might take weeks. However, no definite time frame can be awarded as everything would depend on the ground situation. Yet he stated that till the present moment everything is going as per their plans.

He added that moving individual is far easy than moving materials and hence, for the present moment they are trying to move out the material which won’t be needed by the US troops. In order to move out the materials, hundreds of additional troops have been sent to Syria.

U.S. officials have long counted that the Syria withdrawal might take sometime around March or April to be accomplished fully, but have been unwilling to set an exact timeline given hard-to-forecast the condition of the battle ground. Votel did not consider discussing about when the withdrawal would be completed.

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