US-led Allied Forces Proclaims Senior ISIS Leaders Killed in Syria Strike

The US-led coalition forces who are fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq declared that an attack killed an ISIS leader in Syria. A spokesman from the coalition, Army Col. Sean Ryan stated that the attacks which were carried out on Sunday were aimed at a senior ISIS member, Abu al Umarayn as well as other ISIS members.
Ryan stated that Al Umarayn had given signs of constituting an inevitable threat towards the coalition forces. Ryan stated that Al Umarayn was involved in the assassination of an American citizen and former US Army Ranger Peter Kassig. He added that Al Umarayn has been associated and directly entangled with the execution of many prisoners as he was a senior ISIS member.
The US-led coalition has masterminded hundreds of air and artillery strikes focused at dislodging ISIS from its last remaining pocket of territory in Syria.
According to a US military spokesman the declaration came after a US strike took place on Saturday, which killed a senior Taliban leader in Afghanistan’s Helmand province.
Army Col. Dave Butler, a spokesman for US forces in Afghanistan, stated that they are reaching towards a political solution. They want to stop the killing. Moreover, the US airstrike has been affirmed about
the attack that took place on Saturday and resulted in the death Taliban shadow governor Mullah Manan.
Manan is the military and political leader of the Taliban in Helmand, which is the rebel’s most important strongholds and also the place for its drug revenues. According to a US military official, the drone strike resulted in the killing of Manan.

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