US Military Attacks ISIS Held Mosque as Syria Battle Strengthens

On Tuesday, the US military announced that they had attacked a mosque that was doubted to have been used as an Islamic State control center. American-affiliated Syrian forces combated the extremists in their last bastion in eastern Syria amidst reports of more civilian casualties.

The US led coalition stated that fighter aircraft bombed the mosque in the small town of Baghouz on Monday in order to offer support to the Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces who are fighting the rebels. It stated that the air strike happened as the ISIS was using the mosque to aim attacks and implement suicide car bombs against the SDF.

Maj. Gen. Christopher Ghika, the coalition’s deputy commander, stated that after the air strike, the mosque lost its protected status that the ISIS purposely used as a control and command center.

Hundreds of ISIS fighters, chiefly foreign fighters are presumed to remain in Baghouz and adjoining areas, where the SDF started its final shove Saturday after months of battle. ISIS has been resisting the attack with sniper fire, suicide car bombs, and ambush. The ISIS fighters are using civilians as human shields, thereby, stalling the U.S.-supported fighters’ advancement.

Syrian state media stated that around 70 people were killed or injured in an air attack by the U.S.-led coalition on the fringe of Baghouz. It mentioned that the air raid hit an establishment where hundreds of people were taking shelter from the battle.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a war monitor, stated that during late Monday’s attack, seven children and eight women were killed in an air assault near Baghouz.

Col. Sean Ryan, a spokesman of the coalition, stated that they are aware of the reports of supposed civilian casualties. They are taking all accusations of civilian casualties seriously, although there are a lot of wrong facts.

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