US Military Isn’t Announcing Any More about Deaths or Casualties in Somalia Airstrike

The U.S. military stated that it has conducted two fresh airstrikes in Somalia against the deadliest Al-Shabab extremist group; however, they won’t be disclosing any details about fighters who were killed or the extent of damage that has been inflicted.
A spokesman for the U.S. Africa Command stated that it is now up to Somalia’s government to share the details of the losses or casualties.
On Saturday the U.S. proclaimed that the airstrike in Somalia is a fatal one that has been conducted in months, which killed 52 of the al-Qaida-associated terrorists after a “huge group” carried out a strike on Somali forces.
The new U.S. statement stated that the latest airstrikes took place on 23rd January near Jilib in Middle Juba region, the same place where Saturday’s strike took place.
The United States has effectively increased its airstrikes against Al-Shabab in Somalia since President Donald Trump assumed office. From that time, the US has conducted at least 47 attacks last year in order to destroy the Islamic extremist group’s “safe refuge.”

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