US Officials Sure That Al Qaeda Bomb Maker Is No More

The US is sure and hopeful with the fact that the top Al Qaeda bomb maker, who was regarded to be the mastermind who attempted to blow up an airliner over Detroit during Christmas, has been killed.

For a long time, Washington wanted to get hold of Ibrahim Hassan Al Asiri, a combatant working in the Yemen branch of Al Qaeda. He was one of the most dreaded bomb makers as he developed bombs which were hard to locate. In fact, he even inserted some of this bomb in suicide bombers.

Two officials from the US, which includes one senior US official, stated that they were convinced Al Asiri has been killed. The officials spoke provided their name is not revealed. One of the officials stated that there has been no acclamation of such news, i.e. the death of a senior Al Qaeda militant from the end of the Al Qaeda branch in Yemen.  The branch is known by the name of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), didn’t provided any statement. However, some intelligence officials working for the US stated that they don’t regard the evidences to be decisive.

According to a report provided by some UN experts, who has been monitoring the ISIS and Al Qaeda and is working for the UN Security Council, commented that last week some states reported about the possibility of Al Asiri getting killed during the second half of 2017. If the news is true, it can be a huge blow to the operational capability of Al Qaeda. In the past, the terrorist group carried out many plots against aviation.

However, the official states that there is nothing to rejoice. Apart from bringing a blow to the terrorist group; there is a huge chance that Asiri might have passed his bomb-making skills to others. Hence, the threat of the terrorist group still lingers and not diminished.

The US military along with CIA carried out air strikes in Yemen. However, they refused top comment on the matter.


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