US to Push UN on Restricting Iran from Running Nuclear Ballistic Missile Work

In a recent news conference Mike Pompeo, the U.S. Secretary of State stated that the United States will be pressuring the UN to stop Iran from working on ballistic missiles. These missiles capable of carrying test launches and transporting nuclear weapons can pave the way to loads of illicit criminal activities.

Further Pompeo claims that currently the arms embargo on Iran must also not be lifted. In fact, he wants the Security Council to initiate measures to inspect high seas and ports in efforts to prevent Iran from circumventing weapons.

Firstly as per reports, Iran is said to house the al Qaeda, pave way for terrorists in Lebanon by providing them with arms and secretly support the Taliban Muslims by shipping them illicit militia and facilitating illegal trades.

In short, Iran is providing food to the snakes and creating a whole nest of them. Therefore, the US wants the UN to tighten the hose around Iran’s neck and implement the much-needed sanctions on Iran.

Further Pompeo in his interview states that it’s the US’s responsibility as members of the Security Council to ensure that all Americans traveling through the Middle East along with citizens of the Middle East are not subjected to acts of terror. He also claims that even Europeans in the Middle East will be affected vastly if Iran is let to fly too high.

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