US State Department Accuses Iran of Using Embassies as a Cover for Terror Plots

A senior US Department of State asserted that the arrest of an Iranian diplomat for supposed ties with the terrorist activities in Europe is a clear-shot proof of Tehran being used as a diplomatic cover. In fact, terror groups are making full utilization of Tehran in order to carry out notorious terror activities.

An official from the State Department highlighted that on taking a look at Iran’s activity in Europe since 1984 till the present day, care should be taken by all nations to increase their surveillance. The nations should also try to remain protected from all kind of Iranian threats. He also highlighted that the arrest of the Iranian proves the allegations of Iran using their embassies to scheme terrorism.

Earlier, on 10th July, U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran of using its embassies as a cover for scheming terror attacks in Europe. Pompeo made this statement during his trio to the UAE. The UAE who has always remained a strong ally of the US, has been looking forward to ways through which it can respond to the Iranian threats.

Mike Pompeo in an interview pointed that some Iranians were arrested from Europe as they were getting ready to conduct a terror plot in Paris, France. Earlier on 30th June, an Iranian diplomat in Vienna was purportedly involved in a terror plot. The plan was to bomb an Iranian opposition group during a rally in France.

Further reports suggested that on 6th July, Netherlands banished two Iranian diplomats on suspicion that Iran is making use of embassies for carrying out terrorism in Europe.

The official from the State Department added that the US is requesting countries to take proper steps for their country’s security and remaining vigilant on Iran. The rent plot by Iranians in Europe is a long history. The history dates back to 1984 when Iran started to hijack commercial airliners, carried out assassinations, etc.


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