US State Department Warns About the Possibility of Child-trafficking

The US State Department has warned about the possibility of child-trafficking of the children who have been separated from their parents at the US border. The children who are placed under institutional care have higher chances of being trafficked. Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy has led to the separation of 2300 families at the US border with the children being sent to the state-run detention centers.

The annual Trafficking in Persons report of the State Department has been revealed and the report ranks the foreign governments in their efforts to fight with slavery and sex trafficking. According to the report, a child should be removed from his or her family as the last option and it should be temporary. The report also stated that the children who are living in the state-run detention centers might become easy targets for the traffickers.

The children are more prone to trafficking because the residential institutions are unable to provide emotional support to the child which a child gets when he or she is with the family members or constant caretakers. The traffickers might exploit the child’s need for emotional support in the absence of his or her parents. Trump has justified the severity of his immigration policy.

The report had no mentioned of the historic record of incidents of child smuggling across the US-Mexico border. The countries are ranked in three tiers and a Tier 2 watch list is also present. The countries which are most compliant with the anti-trafficking standards are placed in Tier 1 and Mexico belongs to Tier 2.

The President has changed his immigration policy recently after it faced a lot of protest from various sources. The report is introduced in a letter which has been signed by the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


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