US Troop Pull-out from Syria Will Be Taking Place at a Proper Time

US President Donald Trump in a tweet announced that his administration would be pulling out the troops from Syria at a definite stride; however, at the same time, his military would continue their fight against Daesh, the Islamic State terrorists.
On Monday, in his Twitter remark, US President Trump didn’t specify any timeframe or plan regarding the pullout and even mocked the recent incorrect article published in leading news daily. The news that was published in the leading newspaper emphasized on the contradictory statements made by the Trump administration about its plan to pull out from Syria. The news pointed that Trump was backtracking from his 19th December statement on quick withdrawal of troops, which Trump administration forecasted that it might take around 30 days. However, Trump tweeted that he is not moving away from his original statement. He added that the US troops would be leaving Syria at a proper time; yet, continue their fight against the ISIS.
Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, on 6th January during his visit to Israel stated that the U.S. troops would be staying in Syria till Islamic State is crushed and the Trump administration gains affirmation that Turkey won’t be aiming Kurdish fighters who are associated with American forces. However, Donald Trump quashed U.S. national security official’s statement and declared last month that he is going to pull out U.S. troops from Syria. His announcement took his allies by surprise. It also led to widespread protests from Republican lawmakers and even resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.
Moreover, Bolton, after meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Sunday deliberated on the U.S. troop pull-out with officials in Turkey on Monday. He stated that the safety of the Kurdish mercenaries who helped to fight with the Islamic State militants was one of the important conditions for U.S. troops’ pull-out in Syria. He added that even though there is no definite timeline over the exit of the US troops’, it won’t be sudden. This statement of Bolton is the first public admission that the Trump administration had retreated from the primary hint that it would withdraw troops within 30 days.

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