US War on Terror Fails Miserably at Thwarting Jihadists Who Continue to Grow

The US who have been investing trillions in the war on terror play right into the hands of jihadists, verifying Laden’s testament. According to former terrorism expert and FBI agent Ali Soufan, the US is fighting a lost cause. Investing time, money and resources for controlling the jihadists, they are soon going to drain out their resources and men.
Soufan further states, Laden had previously predicted the extremists would use chaos to create chaos and strike when the enemy is weak. The US at present by waging war is doing exactly that.
According to news reports, it’s found that currently even with the war waging, the US did not succeed in eliminating out extremists. Recent database showcases almost 230,000 jihadists active in 70 global counties. Further, according to the news report in DC, even with the loss of territory in Syria and Iraq, jihadists are populating the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. According to Trevor Thrall a DC-based senior defense & foreign policy manager, the US should tone down a bit. He comments that even though America is at no fault for wanting to prevent a repeat of 9/11, she isn’t being smart. The war of terror is draining out not only finance but it may also backfire against the US. The reason being the war by itself cannot eliminate the heads of the terrorist organization. However, it does succeed in killing millions of civilians. As a result, these civilians consumed with hatred might join hands with the extremists and grow in number.
Now, with the huge number of jihadists active in the globe, further reports claim to keep the Al Qaeda and other terror groups aside, 40 other rebel groups have cropped up.
Hence, no matter how hard the US works to instill fear and dominate over the jihadists, the reports prove the task far from easy. Therefore, the US should really consider alternative means to contain the rebels instead of military action. If not, then Laden’s testament will run true and destroy America.

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