Vehicle Attack In Germany Shows No Terrorist Involvement

A van drove into a crowd in Muenster, Germany on 7th April and had killed three people. The attack took place outside the popular bar in the Old Town city. The attack killed people and had injured 20. The driver of the van shot himself inside the van. The 20 people who got injured are in a critical condition now as confirmed by the officials. A number of bombs which were disguised as firecrackers were also found in the van.

As the investigation is still going on, the local authorities told the media, there was no indication of such an improper political move. The driver suddenly drove the van towards the crowd. The driver who was involved in the attack had numerous psychological problems which include many hit and run cases, charges of fraud, despiteful property damage and so on. When the four apartments of the drivers were searched, the police found an 18-page note which was written by the driver himself. The notes had suicidal indications.

The incident raised fears of terrorist attacks over the weekend. A similar attack took place In December 2016, where a vehicle attack had killed 12 people neat the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin. The government of Germany later found out that, the ISIS was involved in the terror attack.


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