Venezuelan Government Is Committing Crime Against Humanity: Rights Organizations

Two human rights organizations have accused that the Venezuelan Government is committing a crime against humanity. According to the organizations, the Venezuelan Security Forces have detained and abused several military personnel for plotting against the government.
Venezuela’s Penal Forum and New York-based Human Rights Watch have jointly filed this report. The report depicts several incidents that took place in 2018.
As per the report, the detained military officials were beaten, shocked and asphyxiated by the Intelligence Service of the Venezuelan Government in search of the alleged plot. When the military intelligence group DGCIM did not find the suspected officials, they even detained the family members of the officials and tortured them for details. In total, the groups have found 32 cases where the detained officials have been severely tortured.
This report is published as the neighbouring countries are urging the International Court of Justice to investigate Venezuela’s crime against humanity.
As per the sources, due to the economic collapse, the government is worried about the allegiance of the military officials. In addition to that, several countries have said that they will not recognize Nicolas Maduro, who had sworn for a second term recently, as the Venezuelan President.
Maduro often accuses the US and Columbia to conspire against him. All these problems in his country have inflated the suspicion. As a result, the government is afraid that the military is going to overthrow the President.
The Venezuelan officials have countered the allegations by saying that the right group have mellowed down the violence committed by the right-wing political groups.
In 2017, both right groups had accused the government of cracking down on the opponents during protests in which about 120 people were killed.
The current report states that more than 170 people were detained on suspicion of rebellion in Venezuela.

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