White House Asked the Pentagon to Provide Them with Military Options on Striking Iran

According to a report submitted by a reputed journal, it was divulged that the White House demanded options for a military strike against Iran. The appeal, which was allegedly made the National Security Council, which is headed by the national security advisor John Bolton, not only rattled Pentagon but also the State Department officials. In the journal, it was written that the request by the Council was made after a mortar attack took place on the US Embassy in Baghdad by a group having a close connection with Iran. Basically, the missile was aimed towards Baghdad’s diplomatic quarters that house the US embassy in Iraq.
The request could have lead to a direct military confrontation between the US and Iran and this is the worry of the Pentagon. However, one thing that remains debatable and uncertain is whether President Donald Trump was well-aware of the plea; if Pentagon provided military options to the White House; if solid attack plans against the Islamic Republic were prepared; and so on. However, sources who spoke on condition of anonymity stated that the Defense Department did follow the request of National Security Council to provide options.
Bolton, an ardent advocate of the Iraq invasion during the administration of George W. Bush, has long taken one of the stringent steps against Iran in Washington and has openly championed the idea of the need to change the regime in Tehran.
Garrett Marquis, a spokesman for the National Security Council informed that they would go ahead and evaluate the status of their personnel after alleged assaults on the embassy in Baghdad and also on the Basra consulate.
According to reports, this news has definitely perturbed people. There has always been a brewing tension between the US and Iran all throughout Trump’s presidency. The US has even indicated the likelihood of an attack with the White House’s statement that was released on 11 September. The statement read that the United States will be holding the regime responsible for any assaults that result in the laceration to US personnel or damage to the government facilities of the United States.

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