Women taxi drivers will rule the roads in Oman

Wait to see women taxi drivers in Oman. From the coming month, Oman will allow women to drive taxis and heavy vehicles. The Royal Oman Police has stated that they will allow women to drive taxis in order to give women equal rights and to help them earn their livelihood. It is also done to show that women too have the right to do business and employ themselves in places they are comfortable in.

Differentiation of colors

The new taxis that will driven by the women of Oman are painted in the colors blue, pink and white. This is because to differentiate between the orange and white taxis that is the traditional ones in Oman.

Safety and security

A female employee working in the private sector was delighted about the fact that women would finally get the right for doing any business and employment rights in places like Oman. She also said that after the new regulation, women will feel comfortable and much safer if the taxis they travelling in are driven by women itself. Some women fear to get into a taxi in Oman because they are often harassed by the taxi drivers or they don’t feel secured in them. Now they will easily get a taxi to move around from one place to another safely.

Rules and regulations

Oman has introduced huge amounts of penalty for violations of traffic that starts at the same time. It is part of the new amendments that has been made in the traffic law. The amendments have been done to lower the accident rates in Oman. The new rules include that the driving license of the expats need to be renewed which is mandatory. Earlier the renewal period was 10 years which has been reduced to once in every two years. Another rule is that car seats are compulsory for families having children aged four or under.

More women clients

There has been an increase in the number of women taxi drivers in Oman and it can be a great business venture for women who are interested in it. On the contrary, one of the male taxi drivers said that it will not create any problem in his profession as he mostly have male clients.  According to him it is a good initiative and women will feel much safe and secured.


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