Worried by US’s Decision to Leave, Kurdish Leaders Turn to Assad & Russia

Recently, Donald Trump as part of his America first policy announced that he plans to pull out his army from Syria. Claiming that it is high time America stops doing everything for others, he blatantly disregarded the advice of his officials and allies as he took this decision.

However now that the US gave their ultimatum, the Kurdish leaders were severely disappointed. Running the northern portion of Syria, the Kurds are now looking towards Russia and its Damascus allies to lend their troops for protecting the northern border of Syria against a heavy Turkish offensive.

The way the Kurds are acting shows exactly how bad the US affected these leaders. The Kurds presently fear a Turkish invasion like the one that happened earlier in the year which drove YPG militia and the Kurdish into the city of Afrin. Now, Washington hasn’t completely removed its entire troop at once. Trump commented that the endeavor would take time but he would move approximately 2,000 troops from the war zone.

This led to the Kurdish channeling their entire focus on Russia and Assad; presently, the Kurds along with these countries are also requesting western allies to lend troops to fill the space of the US troops. Although how much the Kurdish will succeed is still unknown; the reason being, the US troops were the only ones who had the arms and ammunition to threaten the Turkish offensives.

Now, the major portion of Syria is run by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which are backed by the YPG militia. The SDF was the US’s prime ally against their fight for the Islamic states.

Now, the Islamic States which show open hatred for the SDF, vowed revenge numerous time. Hence, with the US troops gone, the Turkish offensive is gearing up to destroy the YPG militia unless they get quick backup from Russia and Assad.

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