Exclusive: Exxon’s $53 billion Iraq plan strike by contract snags, Iran concerns – sources

Just weeks ago, U.S. activity behemothic ExxonMobil looked assertive to move advanced with a $53 billion activity to addition Iraq’s oil achievement at its southern fields, an anniversary in the company’s ambitions to aggrandize in the country. But now an […]

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Why Would Mossad Want to Help Turkey?

Israel seems to be gambling its way through, by even going all out to help its unreliable relationship with Turkey, a country which has had hot and cold relations with it for many years now. A new report doing rounds suggest that Israel is putting the word out that it is going to go to any length to combat terrorism and come to the aid of all those countries which are reeling under its threat, even if that means siding with Turkey. Media suggests that the report does feel authentic for an official statement made by Mossad. In a public…

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Muslim Brotherhood

German intelligence report: the Muslim Brotherhood is a danger to “peace and social harmony”

According to press reports published by the German DW and “Jihad Watch,” there are plans to “Islamize” Germany and…

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France Denies Support As Missiles Unearth in Haftar Territory

France has denied charges of supplying anti-tank missiles were found on the base loyal to the rouge Libyan general…

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Turkey Needles Greece Carries Out Illegal Gas Drilling Off the Course of Cyprus

Greece and Turkey are on loggerheads again. This time it issues over undertaking gas drilling operations. Greece has just…

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Nabih Berri

Nabih Berri: US sanction is an “Assault” on Lebanese people

US sanctions on Hezbollah included two Hezbollah MPs and one top security official, as well as an ‘assault’ on…

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EU Nations May Trigger A Dispute Resolution Process Against Iran

Troubled by Iran’s non-compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal, European powers had to call for an emergency meeting. They…

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Trump Meeting With Emir Does Not Get Media Access

In the middle of the pro-terrorism activities that continue between Qatar and its alliances, the Emir was able to…

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Geir Pedersen

The UN Special envoy arrives in Syria amid the severe clashes in the north

The U.N’s special envoy for Syria, Geir Pedersen said on Tuesday that he is anticipating constructive talks with the…

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New evidence of Turkey’s smuggling of arms to Libya by Ukrainian aircraft

The site SU’OUNE TOURKYA published a video of a Ukrainian plane taking off from Kyiv airport to Istanbul’s Isnaboga…

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