Missiles hit Iraq base hosting US troops

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Three Katyusha missiles accept hit Taji Aggressive Base, arctic of Baghdad, area US armament are stationed, Iraq’s Security Media Cell has appeared – the additional such advance on an aggressive abject in four days. “An abbreviate […]

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Ex-FSA fighters chosen by Damascus to fight resistance in far northern Syria

ALEPPO, Syria — In the battles adjoin the armed action in the arctic Hama countryside, south of Idlib province, the Syrian administration is recruiting fighters of action factions who accept accommodated with Damascus in contempt years, some from the southern ambit of Daraa, Damascus and Quneitra, and others from Homs arena in axial Syria. The Syrian government armament accepts recruited bags of fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions who accept accomplished settlements with the administration in the areas area the action was defeated in 2017-18, namely in eastern Ghouta in Rif Dimashq and in the ambit of Daraa,…

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Barham Salih

Iraqi president tensions Christians’ role in building Iraq

Iraqi President, Barham Salih stressed, Thursday, the accent of the role played by Christian Iraqis in architecture Iraq and…

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Mohamed Larbi Zitout

Qatar is using Mohamed Larbi Zitout to repeat in Algeria what happened in Egypt in 2011

Earlier this month, Algeria’s Constitutional Council canceled the elections planned for July 4. The elections were intended to fill…

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nizar zakka

Released Lebanese businessman Zakka: I was almost convicted of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Nizar Zakka, who was barely in Tehran’s Evin Prison 24 hours after almost four years, still feels the impact…

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Houthis Attack Saudi Airport, Intensifying Yemen Conflict

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Yemen’s Houthi rebels assaulted an airport in southern Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, wounding 26 the people…

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Procedure Claw aims to exterminate PKK prominence in far northern Iraq

Because the end of May, Turkish troops are actually targeting PKK headquarters in far northern Iraq, getting nearer to…

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Syrian air defense responds to Israeli attacks

According to the Syrian state news agency SANA, Syrian air in the south of Israel’s missile attacks in the…

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Iranian Army: Rumors of escaped or arrested commanders are false

According to a report by Radio Farda, an Islamic Revolutionary Guards Association (IRGC) spokesman recently rejected rumors that senior…

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Three IS militants, one civilian killed in different mishaps in Iraq

BAGHDAD, June 11 (Xinhua) — A absolute of three Islamic State (IS) militants and a noncombatant were dead on…

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