Dubai: There is a COVID-19 positive person at my workplace, what should I do?


Dubai: What should you do if a person at your home or in the office tests positive for COVID-19? Do you need to get tested? And what are the quarantine regulations? In Dubai, health authorities have issued updated clarifications on the process that needs to be followed by people in the emirate.

Procedures followed by offices

According to Dubai Health Authority, your workplace will track those in contact with any positive case. If you were considered a close contact of the COVID-19 confirmed case, you will be informed by your workplace so that you can start your 10-day quarantine.

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Even if you were not named by a person who was COVID-19 positive, you should call DHA on their toll-free number 800 342 to register as a close contact. This is because DHA issues an ‘End of Quarantine’ certificate in order to be able to return to work or to go back to your school or university.

A letter confirming the end of the quarantine period can be obtained after completing the 10-day period by calling the DHA toll free number 800342.

A member of my family has been confirmed to be infected. Do I have to self-quarantine?

Yes, you must self-quarantine if you are a close contact of the family member and/or are sharing the same household.

A member of my household was in contact with a positive case, do I have to self-quarantine as well and is it necessary to undergo a laboratory examination?

Quarantine is only for people who come in direct contact with the infected case. You do not have to self-quarantine since you were not in close contact with a COVID-19 confirmed case. Also, the PCR test is recommended for persons who are showing COVID-19 symptoms only, according to DHA.

I met a person and I learned later that he was infected, do I need to self-quarantine only or do I have to communicate with the concerned authorities?

All confirmed close contacts are encouraged to call 800342 to ensure registration as close contacts.

When should I be tested if I have been in contact with an infected person and how many times should I get tested?

You do not need to undergo a test for COVID-19 unless you begin to show symptoms of the virus. If you get any symptoms, you must call the DHA toll-free number 800 342 and book a PCR test in a government COVID-19 testing center or visit an accredited facility for the PCR test.

The close contact does not need to undergo another PCR test after the 10-day quarantine period unless the concerned health authority requests him/her to repeat the test.